STS SECURITY, LLC provides customers proven worldwide security solutions. Our Maritime Division provides proven products and services for commercial ports and vessels, to both private and military entities.

Maritime Security

STS is a veteran-owned small business with extensive collective experience in providing weapons, munitions, ballistic protection, tactical training and security services to the US Government, major defense contractors, and select private entities. The majority of these programs are “turn-key”, which relieves the burden of logistical and administrative requirements necessary for the execution of programs of this magnitude. STS has been instrumental in the development and implementation of similar programs and has applied all of our experience in this proposal. We will ensure that the services offered will result in the highest level of professional protection and security.

STS has provided products and services to numerous government agencies and defense contractors since 2000. We have worked closely with the US Navy in the development of Anti Terrorism / Force Protection procedures including the employment of crew served weapons and other measures for ship board security. Our experience gives us an in-depth understanding of the requirements of this program and allows us to conduct superior protective operations for our clients assets.

STS possesses the capability and working legal mechanisms to affect the timely export of weapons and materials with US Customs and Border Protection and Department of State in fulfillment of this effort. Additionally, we are experienced in the development and management of programs of this nature and can assist our clients to evaluate, adjust or expand the program as necessary.

The corporate management of STS has over 41 combined years of experience managing like or similar programs for the US Government and defense contractors. The below listed efforts for private industry and the US Navy are examples of recent contracted programs that our management personnel were instrumental in accomplishing. These task order requirements directly relate to the security services necessary to protect and defend our clients.

Actively servicing US Flagged RORO fleets in HRW with professional armed security teams.

Provided ‘fly away’ professional armed security teams through South Africa, transiting east African waters on bulk carriers.

136 Sailors from Embarked Security Teams (EST) trained in support of Operation Vigilant Mariner. (Initiated with a 36 hour response)

84 Sailors from Naval Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC) Riverine Squadron ONE (RIVRON ONE).

304 Sailors from Mobile Security Group TWO (MSG TWO).

1000 plus Sailors attending the Crew Served Weapons Instructor (CSWI) and CSW Operations and Maintenance (O&M) courses at the US Navy Center(s) for Security Forces (CENSECFOR) N61339-07-R-0016.

For five of these contracts, STS provided a complete turn-key solution. STS personnel successfully managed all components, activities and equipment related these programs.

US Navy Seals SDVOSB