STS is dedicated to providing subject matter experts, weapons, munitions and facilities to support defense related product testing and improvement programs.

3D CAD view of an AR15 lowerArmament testing with the 50 caliberArmament testingTesting the 50 caliber from an elevated platform
STS Armaments, LLC research provides ballistics testing and specialized testing services for research and development, engineering validation, certification and quality control of electro-optical sensor systems, targeting systems, personal protective and vehicle armor systems, system sub-components, remote weapons stations, developmental weapons and engineered materials.
Long Range Ballistics Testing
  • Function and firing defects
  • Projectile integrityAccuracy and shot dispersion
  • Tracer observation and trace performance
Ammunition Testing
  • Pressure and velocity
  • Projectile dynamic stability
  • Cartridge load development
  • Terminal performance
  • Armor penetration
Firearms Testing
  • Safety evaluation
  • Endurance and durability
  • Life cycle fatigue
  • Environmental
  • Thermal and cook-off

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