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We exist to help you complete your mission.


STS provides world-class solutions to critical missions for the U.S. Government, defense contractors and select private entities.

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Special Tactical Services

Weapon Mounts, Stands and Armor Systems for Land and Maritime Applications.

Special Tactical Services

Firearms, Tactical, Foreign Weapons, Crew Served Weapons and Instructor Development Courses.


Special Tactical Services

See Our Gun Mounts,

Armor Systems and More.




STS is a veteran-owned small business with extensive collective experience in providing weapons and tactics training, munitions, ballistic protection, and security services to the U.S. Government, defense contractors, and private entities. As a result of our extensive network of contacts around the globe, we are able to provide “turn key” services to our clients relieving them of the burden of logistical and administrative requirements.

STS has been providing products and services to a variety of government agencies and defense contractors since 2000. Our close working relationship with the U.S. Navy in the development of Anti- Terrorism/Force Protection procedures included the employment of advanced crew served weapons tactics and techniques as well as enhanced security measures for ship board operations. STS also provides modern technology innovations in Security Shield Emplacements aboard Vessels in addition to Entry Control Points requiring fixed and mobile Guard/Sentry Fighting Positions.

Our mission is to provide specialized mission support to governmental and non-governmental entities in the form of security, firearms & tactical training and systems support.

-Dale McClellan, President and CEO


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